Running Club News 16/7/12

The rain held up briefly for the runners to get out for their routes this evening. It was good to see some new faces here today as Claire and Lynn both enjoyed their first  runs with the club. Claire has been training with New Life Training through the Bootcamps and other classes but this was her first run. She was motivated all the way round by Sandy and completed the 4mile circuit in a very respectable 11mins per mile, well done Claire!! Lynn completed her first ever run in over 3 years and completed the 3 mile circuit non-stop!! An average of 12mins per mile was a fast first run for Lynn and we hope to see you back next week!

Nick decided to go for a shorter faster route this evening and his 3 mile sprint produced his fastest ever average of just 7m57s per mile, you need to try this pace at a longer distance now Nick! It was also a big welcome back to Tori, her first run with the club since she completed the London Marathon. She showed she hasnt lost any of her fitness or motivation as she wizzed round the 4mile circuit with Pete in just over 40mins!! Good to have you back Tori. The young lads, Harry and his Cousin, also demolished the shorter circuit this evening in under 32mins. Need to do a longer route next week Harry!!

Well done to all the runners, see you again next week for the final time on these routes.

Name 16/07/2012 Time 2 Speed
Lynn P                3.00 00:36:50 00:12:17
Nick                3.00 00:23:50 00:07:57
Mark                3.00 00:36:50 00:12:17
Sandy S                4.00 00:44:10 00:11:02
Pete                4.00 00:40:25 00:10:06
Tori                4.00 00:40:25 00:10:06
Claire                4.00 00:44:10 00:11:02
Harry                3.00 00:31:50 00:10:37

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