Running Club News 16/11/15

It was great to see so many people back this week to the Warsash Running Club. Since the Great South Run we have struggled to reach more than 3 people on a Monday evening, mostly due to injuries. But this evening everyone came flooding back! And it was great to have the old running club banter back on track!! All 10 runners opted for the shorter 3mile route this evening, not surprising really as for most this was their first run back from injury. Charles (Ankle), Sandy (Knee), Pete (Plantar Fasciitis), Mike (Calf) were all back this evening. Plus we had Sharon, Carl and Nina back and A big welcome to Ian, who was the new kid on the block this evening. It was actually the last week of these routes, but as hardly no-one had been in recent weeks only Sharon and Dawn were familiar with the 3mile jaunt.

I was pleased that most of the runners made it round the course without any re-occurrence of their injuries, apart from Mike, who had to pull up short a mile from home when his calf became tight again. Hopefully no lasting damage though. Sandy and Pete ran alongside new boy Ian and finished the route in just 26mins!! Definitely looking at a longer route for you guys next week!! Well done to Ian as well. Great time! Next to finish was Carl, a great first run back after several weeks away! Charles also made it round the route pain free and in a good time of 9m 37s per mile! Well done Charles and welcome back! Sharon looked after the ladies for me, with Nina and Dawn both having exceptional runs closed to 11mins per mile average!! Thanks to Sharon for motivating them round too!

We have had a few runners now with Plantar Fasciitis, so I thought I would put on a link with some great information on how to recover from it –

Also, I would like to encourage you to sign up for some of the following races. It is quite motivational to have a goal to aim for and these events are certainly something to aspire to achieve! Let me know if you enroll!!

6th Victory 10k – Portsmouth –

17th January – Stubbington 10k –

APRIL 2016
3rd April – Wickham 10k –

MAY 2016
30th London 10000 – London –



New Routes next week –

Name 16/11/2015 Speed
Mark 3.10 00:38:41 00:12:29
Sandy S 3.10 00:26:00 00:08:23
Pete 3.10 00:26:00 00:08:23
Charles 3.10 00:29:50 00:09:37
Carl 3.10 00:29:29 00:09:31
Nina 3.1 00:34:50 00:11:14
Sharon 3.10 00:34:40 00:11:11
Ian 3.10 00:26:00 00:08:23
Dawn 3.1 00:34:40 00:11:11


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