Running Club News 14/9/15

A fantastic turn out this evening, especially considering the weather forecast was for storms. It was certainly threatening at the end of the run, possibly the reason why there were so many good times this evening.

Mike missed the briefing session, it was thought after his injury last week he would be missing this week. Not so…..he was just giving us all a head start before he flew past all the runners going up Brook Lane! He completed the 6.5mile circuit in a great time, although he still has a niggle of an injury. Well done Mike. Pete saw Mike fly past him and positioned himself in his slip stream! Running with a new watch, Pete could track his own time and produced his fastest average and his first sub- 8min per mile since May. This had a knock on effect as Sandy was determined to keep Pete in his vision, and for the most part he did. Sandy’s 8m50s average was awesome!

Carl was also running the 3.5mile route and similar to Pete he produced his fastest run since May! Producing a fantastic sub-9 min per mile average! Well done Carl. Mandy completed the runners on the 3.5mile circuit, her 11mins per mile was very impressive.

Dawn was back with us this evening, and was in fine form. She not only improved on her distance she was also quicker than her first run with the club 2 weeks ago. She completed her 2.6m route in an average of 11m 48s, a massive 45 seconds per mile quicker than last time. Well done Dawn, awesome!

Running the medium distance of 5miles this evening were Theresa, Sharon, Greg, Jo and Alistair. Alistair was sporting new running gear, unfortunately his footwear let him down and rubbed his feet, but he will be back next week to make up for it I am sure. For the other 4 it was a bit of a race with all of them finishing very close together. Jo passed the line first, even though she was full of cold she still managed 9mins per mile! Next there was a sprint finish for the flag. Theresa and Sharon ended up crossing the line together having out sprinted Greg from Dibles. For Theresa it meant a new PB and a hat-trick of improvements – 3 weeks in a row. She is definitely getting faster and Greg and Sharon really pushed for it this evening. Theresa’s PB is now 9m 10s per mile, awesome. The sprint finish also meant Greg finished with his best average since February and he is closing in on that sub-9 min mile now!! Sharon also had her best run since May!!! Great to see everyone motivating each other this evening. Great run team!!

Name 14/09/2015 Speed
Mark 2.60 00:30:42 00:11:48
Sandy S 3.50 00:30:55 00:08:50
Pete 3.50 00:27:50 00:07:57
Mike Y 6.50 00:47:21 00:07:17
Jo F 5.00 00:45:07 00:09:01
Theresa 5.00 00:45:51 00:09:10
Alistair 5.00 00:56:00 00:11:12
Greg 5.00 00:45:59 00:09:12
Mandy B 3.50 00:38:37 00:11:02
Carl 3.50 00:33:04 00:09:27
Sharon 5.00 00:45:51 00:09:10
Dawn 2.6 00:30:42 00:11:48

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