Running Club News 14/1/19

Here is the long awaited Warsash Running Blog. The first of 2019 and the first in the new format!!

As a club we run on a Monday and Friday, following the same routes for 3 consecutive weeks before changing the routes. The idea being that people can familiarise themselves with the routes on week 1 and progressively get quicker each week. Lets see if it works….

We had a new starter to the running club at the turn of the new year. Young Taylor joined us eager to improve his running time for his triathlons. He attended 2 Friday and 2 Monday sessions and led the way on attendance in the first 3 weeks of 2019! His times were impressive too, and although his pace did slow, he did improve his distance and ran at night for the first time, which does take some getting used to with the streets lights locally! Well done Taylor!

Taylor 28/12/2018 4.20 34:05.0 0:08:07
04/01/2019 4.10 37:00.0 0:09:01
07/01/2019 5.20 43:00.0 0:08:16
14/01/2019 5.20 46:42.0 0:08:59


Charles, as always, was a star to cover the running club on January 7th. Many thanks! Following a “heavy xmas” he did show some signs of recovery too, improving week on week by over a minute. This was made all the more remarkable as he ran the Stubbington 10k the day before the 14th, obviously just a loosener for the big run on the Monday!

Charles 07/01/2019 4.10 40:57.0 0:09:59
14/01/2019 4.10 39:47.0 0:09:42


Liam is also a new recruit to the running club having just moved to the area. Joining us on week 2 of the routes he put in a great performance only to smash it a week later with a 9 min per mile average!! Very fast! Well done Liam, I’m looking forward to seeing those sub-9s next week.

Liam 07/01/2019 4.10 39:27.0 0:09:37
14/01/2019 4.10 36:56.0 0:09:00


Carl also ran the Stubbington 10k on the 13th, and alike Charles, this only helped him improve week on week as he shaved over a minute off this previous week. Well done Carl! Maybe its the Xmas weight coming off that helps!

Carl 07/01/2019 4.10 40:57.0 0:09:59
14/01/2019 4.10 39:47.0 0:09:42


Cat & Nina ran together for the 2 weeks they attended. They ran different routes too, deciding to up the mileage rather than go for speed! Good decision too, as they completed an extra mile the 2nd week with very little change in the pace. Well done ladies!!

Cat & 07/01/2019 3.10 37:51.0 0:12:13
Nina 14/01/2019 4.10 52:06.0 0:12:42


It was great to have Lou B and Sues A back with the running club after a small break. They have certainly got straight back in to it as well, with a week on week improvement, not only an extra mile in distance but also a quicker pace too, with over a minute per mile improvement. That’s awesome ladies, well done!!! This shows what can be done week on week and how the club set up can measure and show improvements.

Lou B & 07/01/2019 3.10 39:27.0 0:12:44
Sue A 14/01/2019 4.10 45:22.0 0:11:04


Well done also to the following runners who attended one of the sessions in this 3 week cycle. There are some great times on here. The 2 Nicks hit 9 minutes per mile and the only two to attempt the longest route of 6.1miles. Sarah P put in a great performance in preparation for the Stubbington 10k. Seb had a great first run with the club and again a good 10k prep run. It was also great to see Jo back with the club, her first run since October. And Lydia had a great run with Cat and Nina on the longer 4.1mile route. Well done guys, I hope to see you involved in the next 3 week cycle, see below

Nick B 28/12/2018 6.10 55:00.0 0:09:01
Nick C 28/12/2018 6.10 55:00.0 0:09:01
Sarah P 07/01/2019 5.20 43:00.0 0:08:16
Seb 04/01/2019 4.10 40:25.0 0:09:51
Jo 07/01/2019 4.00 40:49.0 0:10:12
Lydia 14/01/2019 4.10 52:06.0 0:12:42



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