Running Club News 13/5

There was a bit of a Marwell hangover this evening, for some of us more literally than metaphorically!

Most of the runners completed the 10k yesterday and felt a little stiff as they set off on tonight’s route. You can check out the results of the Marwell 10k at The route for tonight was as flat as Warsash allows and the 4.15miles was about right for most just to loosen up from yesterday! Nick and Jack were there with fresh legs though as they didn’t run yesterday and they set the pace for the rest! Jack was out in front and was taking it “easy!” as he completed the route averaging just 7m 49s per mile. Jacks pace setting dragged Mark and Pete through and although the boys found it a struggle of a run they averaged a respectable 8m 19s per mile. Nick was setting the pace for Sandy, Alistair and the ladies. Nick finished an average of 8m 46s with Sandy not far behind with under 9mins per mile. Alistair was a little further back finishing the 4.15mile route in 40mins. Kate and Ali finished their run with their quickest average since March even after yesterdays 10k so expect some PBs next week as we do the routes again.


Name 13/05/2013 Speed
Nick                  4.15 00:36:24 00:08:46
Mark                  4.15 00:34:32 00:08:19
Sandy S                  4.15 00:36:48 00:08:52
Pete                  4.15 00:34:32 00:08:19
Jack                  4.15 00:32:28 00:07:49
Kate                  4.15 00:43:06 00:10:23
Ali                  4.15 00:43:06 00:10:23
Alistair                  4.15 00:40:30 00:09:46

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