Running Club News 13/3/17

Friday 10th March

A big welcome to Lindsey who attended her first running club with us today. She was brought / dragged / encouraged along by Mandy B who ran with her for the 4.2mile route. They both had a great run too, with Mandy clocking her fastest run on this route so far in her 3rd attempt. For Lindsey it was obviously a PB as it was her first run, but a 10m 42s average is a very good start. The two ladies were also joined by Sharon, no doubt motivating the pair all the way round.

Richard had a great run today, he teamed up with Nick to demolish the 5.1mile route in under 43minutes. This was a PB for Richard, now running at 8m 25s average per mile, alot faster than his first run of 3.2miles just a few weeks ago. For Nick it was decision time, does he run best in the morning or in the evening. From looking at his times on this course, 2 evening and 2 morning runs so far, I would suggest you go for midday Nick!! ;0)

Nick B was back to running club today for his first run this calendar year and not a bad effort too. His sub- 9min per mile was fantastic! Alistair was also back today, having enjoyed Mondays return to the club so much he made it to a Friday run this week as well. A good run too!!

Lisa had a great run too, upping her miles from the last two weeks she also upped her speed. A big improvement, taking nearly a minute per mile off her 1st run back just two weeks ago. Well done Lisa!!

Name 10/03/2017 Speed
Nick C 5.10 42:57.0 08:25.3
Mark 5.10 45:17.0 08:52.7
Nick B 5.10 45:16.0 08:52.5
Mandy B 4.20 45:13.0 10:46.0
Alistair 4.20 39:48.0 09:28.6
Sharon 4.20 44:50.0 10:40.5
Richard 5.10 42:57.0 08:25.3
Lisa 5.10 50:30.0 09:54.1
Lindsey 4.20 45:00.0 10:42.9


Monday 13th March

I was trying to decide the name for a group of ladies running. You have a heard of cows, a gaggle of geese and a flock of sheep. They decided a group of ladies running on a Monday night should be called MAD!! Anyway, 5 ladies set out together and all finished within 30seconds of each other. For Mandy B, Lydia, Sharon, Nina and Rose it was a great run, all finishing around the 12min per mile rate and all upping the miles to 4.2 after last weeks slightly shorter route. Well done ladies.

Charles set off with Greg this evening and so they completed half the run well, Charles then took the shorter option, as he was looking for a quick get away to pack for Vegas tomorrow. Greg went for the longer route, but somehow ended up finishing the route from the wrong direction. He still managed 4.2miles, just a different 4.2 to everyone else. A good time nonetheless!

Carl had a great run too, starting off socially with Pete, who continued down the 4.2mile route to finish with his fastest run of the year so far, Carl went for the longer 5.1miles. He pushed himself well. And I must learn that if someone says they may be sick it isn’t necessarily a metaphor. So Carl finished a couple of pounds lighter having almost relieved himself of his tea up Thornton Road. It was worth it though to record his fastest run since October!

Finally Nick will be glad this was the last time on this route having now completed it 5 times in the last 3 weeks. His time this evening his second fastest of the 5 and a very impressive 8mins per mile. Well done Nick!! New routes next week!!

Name 13/03/2017 Speed
Nick C 5.10 40:56.0 08:01.6
Mark 5.10 42:57.0 08:25.3
Mandy B 4.20 50:07.0 11:56.0
Charles 4.10 40:46.0 09:56.6
Greg 4.20 45:13.0 10:46.0
Carl 5.10 44:20.0 08:41.6
Nina 4.20 50:46.0 12:05.2
Sharon 4.20 50:07.0 11:56.0
Rose 4.20 50:13.0 11:57.4
Lydia 4.20 50:32.0 12:01.9
Pete 4.20 36:27.0 08:40.7

Carl Sick, fastest since Octber, Group of


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