Running Club News 13/2/17

Friday February 10th

We welcomed Rich to the Running club today for his first run with us. He hadn’t really run before but was a natural completing the 3.2mile route in a sub-9 min mile average!! Awesome. He did find the “travellator” tough going up Pitchponds hill at the end but said he will definitely be back for next week.

We also had Sarah back today, she hasn’t run with us since the Great South Run, but you couldn’t tell, she finished the 5.9miles in just 8m 08s average. Although she did need a navigator in Nick to make sure she went the right way!

Jo also took on the longer route today and did magnificently, completing the route in just 9m 24s per mile. Well done!!

Name 10/02/2017 Speed
Nick C 5.90 48:00.0 08:08.1
Mark 3.20 28:33.0 08:55.3
Jo F 5.90 55:29.0 09:24.2
Rich 3.2 28:29.0 08:54.1
Sarah 5.9 48:00.0 08:08.1

Monday February 13th

Jo took on the same route as Friday and absolutely smashed it this evening.  She took 49 seconds off Fridays time and looked strong at the finish. Carl also looked strong this evening, his sub 9-min per mile coming off the back of a PB at the park run at the weekend, well done Carl! It was Alex again this week who shone brightest though. Unfortunately for me, with the routes as they were, Alex managed to pass me twice this evening! You could almost say he lapped me!! His 6m 04s per mile on a long 5.9mile route is amazing and only the 2nd fastest run recorded for the club! (Alex also holds the record). Great preparation for his upcoming event! Gemma had an interesting run this evening. The pre- and post- run weigh in showed some significant differences which the race stewards will have to look in to (but not too closely). She did manage a good 5.2miles though and in a good time as well. Well done Gemma! Finally, Pete had a good run this evening, and a good catch up too, which did slow us down a tad!! Well done to all the runners, last time on this route next week!

Name 13/02/2017 Speed
Mark 4.70 00:44:56 00:09:34
Pete 4.70 0:44:56 0:09:34
Jo F 5.90 0:54:50 0:09:18
Alex 5.90 0:35:50 0:06:04
Gemma 5.20 0:46:22 0:08:55
Carl 5.90 0:52:32 0:08:54




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