Running Club News 12/9/16

Friday 9th September

It was great preparation for the Great South Run this morning. All todays runners are entered and all are upping their game as the big event draws nearer. Lisa, in only her 3rd week with the running club, put in a Personal Best performance, taking 2 minutes off last weeks time on the same route to show she is getting fitter!! Joanne also put in an awesome improvement of nearly 2 minutes. Well done ladies, we are going in the right direction. For Gemma it was her first run back with the club now the kids are back at school. It was a fantastic return though, just over 10mins per mile average with a pushchair, a more grown-up Chester in it, and Shore Road hill involved – Brilliant achievement.

Name 09/09/2016 Speed
Gemma 4.00 00:40:45 00:10:11
Joanne 4.00 00:44:23 00:11:06
Lisa 4.00 00:41:42 00:10:26

Monday 12th September

It was a welcome return to the running club this evening for Jo and her dog Albe. Before we started Albe was very restless, keen to get going. It was clear that he had missed the club. However a summer fuelled by doggy treats, ice cream and biscuits hasn’t helped and about a mile in it showed. He did complete the run however, pretty much non-stop, and owner Jo, obviously had to keep up as well and did very well on her return also.

Nick and Carl teamed up this evening and put in a great performance. Carl had stepped up to the longer route in preparation for the GSR and Nick……well Nick had just returned from a stag do in Marbella and was leaving a scent of Sauvignon Blanc wherever he ran. Between them they had a great run, with a superb sprint finish which left Carl running 25seconds per mile faster than last week on a longer route – fantastic!! Pete also started with these two and kept the same pace as he opted for the slightly shorter 4.7mile route. His average of under 9mins per mile was fantastic and his fastest since early June, well done Pete.

Nina and Rose also upped the miles this week as they prepare for the GSR. The extra 0.7miles didn’t seem to make much difference to their speed either to show they are getting much fitter and can definitely run further next time!!

Gemma was back for her first Monday night run for a while and went straight for the 6.1 miles. She kept with Greg to start with then sped off to finish with a very impressive 9m 38s per mile, an 80 minute Great South Run is looking like a possibility at this rate!!! For Greg, the humidity still playing a factor in performance, but its like altitude training Greg, keep performing in these conditions and when the GSR is here, in the rain and sleet, you will fly round!! Even this evenings time would have you finish in 108mins!! Sub 100 target for you Greg I think!!

Charlie had an amazing run yesterday, completing her first running event at the New Forest 10k. She put in a great time too, and used this evening as a cool down following yesterday. However, with an average of under 11mins per mile, it was hardly a cool down!! Well done Charlie!

Same routes next week for the last time!

Name 12/09/2016 Speed
Nick C 6.10 00:55:35 00:09:07
Mark 1.90 00:26:59 00:14:12
Pete 4.70 0:42:00 0:08:56
Greg 6.10 1:06:00 0:10:49
Gemma 6.10 0:58:43 0:09:38
Carl 6.10 0:55:35 0:09:07
Nina 4.70 0:56:38 0:12:03
Rose 4.70 0:56:38 0:12:03
Charlie 2.6 00:28:29 0:10:57
Jo & Albe 1.9 00:26:59 0:14:12



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