Running Club News 12/9/11

A fantastic turnout this evening for the Warsash based Running Club. It was the biggest attendance for several weeks as many of the runners came back aiming to achieve their Personal Bests and they didn’t disappoint tonight! There was a strong wind that was expected to slow a few people down but the training we have done is definitely starting to show as 11 out of a possible 14 improved their times on this circuit tonight….awesome!!

Firstly though well done to the three new runners at tonight’s sessions. Kathy and Kirsty pushed each other well and both ran further than they have ever done since school, fantastic. Nick impressed in his first session running just over 10 mins per mile on the 4.2mile route, well done! We also had Sandy back, he has been missed over the last three weeks, and he was keen to get straight back in to it, but there was no need to do the extra quarter of a mile though Sandy, we’ll give you a map next week! Also back from long absence was Liam, Angela and Alan, all of whom ran excellent runs this evening. Liam and Alan impressed with 10mins per mile pace and Angela got under her 12min per mile goal!!

Out front Pete again improved this week, now down to 7m  46s per mile and closing in on the seven and a half minute mile barrier. Annie showed fantastic improvement on the route taking 25secs off per mile, her son improved 66secs per mile however and ran an excellent race. Kelly had a great warm up run before the Victory 5m this Sunday, with a 9m 38s per mile run! And Tre and Wendy also showed marked improvement ahead of their run this Sunday. If you are still interested in running this Sunday at the Portsmouth Victory 5m run you can sign up at We have 14 people entered from the running club, so please come and cheer us on if you can. We will meet at the Silver Fern Pub in Warsash at 9.15am and for those interested there maybe a few staying after the run for a pub lunch!

Well done to all runners this evening, next week we have the start of the 4 week cycle and new routes. So a good time to come back to the club if you have been away for a while.

Name Distance Time 3 Speed
Pete 6.2 00:48:12 00:07:46
Bruce 6.2 00:53:49 00:08:41
Nick 4.2 00:42:54 00:10:13
Kelly 4.2 00:40:26 00:09:38
Wendy T 4.2 00:50:10 00:11:57
Mike 6.2 00:53:46 00:08:40
Sandy 6.45 01:02:30 00:09:41
Alan 4.2 00:42:14 00:10:03
Liam 4.2 00:42:09 00:10:02
Kathy 2.5 00:39:47 00:15:55
Kirsty 2.5 00:39:47 00:15:55
Angela 4.2 00:50:20 00:11:59
Alistair 6.2 01:00:01 00:09:41
Sharon 4.2 00:44:20 00:10:33
Tre 4.2 00:52:01 00:12:23
Dave 4.2 00:43:04 00:10:15
Mel F 4.2 00:51:06 00:12:10
Katrina 4.2 00:47:58 00:11:25
Tori 3.4 00:36:38 00:10:46
Annie 3.4 00:36:26 00:10:43
Matthew T 4.2 00:38:35 00:09:11
Jessica 3.4 00:36:12 00:10:39
Georgia 3.4 00:35:59 00:10:35

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