Running Club News 12/8/13

Another week closer to the Great South Run and it was pleasing to see a few more runners at the Warsash based running club this evening. A massive welcome back to Nick, who has been absent due to injury and illness but was in no way hampered this evening as he completed the 4.1mile course in his quickest average time since May!! Well done Nick. Bruce was back as well, and as the other qualified Run England Running Coach with the Club he coached Kate through her run to complete her quickest ever run, an average of just 9m 47s a whole 11 secs per mile quicker than her previous average. Charles chose to run with Greg this evening and between them they completed the circuit non-stop in Gregs record time, an average of 10m 31s, Greg is getting faster and stronger with each week now and will have no problem with the GSR when it comes round. Completing the 4.1m group was Alistair who completed the route non-stop taking over a minute off last weeks time, well done Alistair!!  Finally, Sandy chose the longer 5.3m route this evening and completed it confidently and efficiently in an average of just over 9 mins per mile. Very impressive!!

Well done to all, same route last week for the last time before we move up a level!!


Name 12/08/2013 Speed
Bruce                  3.10 00:30:20 00:09:47
Nick                  4.10 00:35:00 00:08:32
Mark                  5.30 00:48:20 00:09:07
Sandy S                  5.30 00:48:15 00:09:06
Kate                  3.10 00:30:20 00:09:47
Charles                  4.10 00:43:08 00:10:31
Alistair                  4.10 00:38:30 00:09:23
Greg                  4.10 00:43:08 00:10:31



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