Running Club News 11/11/73

The majority of the running club were out celebrating birthdays the day before this run. So many were nursing sore heads as the times suggest! It was a great turn out though with the highest attendance for some time. The new recruits did fantastic running a little further today and closing in on the 3miles non-stop target. Mike encouraged Maggie round  the 3.1mile circuit in a personal best, taking nearly 2 minutes off last weeks time. She was joined  this week by her sister, Beth, who finished her first run with the running club extremely well!

Also running their first time with the club this evening was Lee. His first run in 6 weeks as well but he didn’t look rusty. He flew round the 5.6mile route in just over 8mins per mile average, finishing just a minute behind pace setter Mike, who had another great run!

Greg, got slightly lost on the route this evening and after a slight fall he picked himself up to complete 6.12miles in a good time of 1h09m, it was the furthest anyone ran on the evening so well done Greg. Pete and Miles has a sprint finish which nearly lasted the whole of Osborne Road. Miles just pipped Pete, although that may have something to do with the alcohol content in Petes blood rather than fitness!! Well done gents!

Bruce had just about recovered from his 40th the day before to complete the run and sober up! His 9 and a half mins per mile was very impressive and almost equal to his pints per hour the day before! Although not as quick as Alistairs pints per hour!! Ali’s run this evening was very impressive and quicker than his previous run, even after “the night before”!

We have the same route next week for the last time and a chance to beat some PBs

Well done to all the runners this evening!

Name 11/11/2013 Speed
Bruce                  5.60 00:52:57 00:09:27
Mark                  5.60 00:45:25 00:08:07
Pete                  5.60 00:51:49 00:09:15
Mike                  5.60 00:44:09 00:07:53
Beth                  3.10 00:35:01 00:11:18
Mike H                  3.10 00:35:30 00:11:27
Maggie                  3.10 00:35:01 00:11:18
Miles                  5.60 00:51:47 00:09:15
Alistair                  5.60 00:55:05 00:09:50
Greg                  6.12 01:09:01 00:11:17
Lee                  5.60 00:45:15 00:08:05

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