Running Club News 04/02/19

Running Club News 4/2/19

For this set of 3 runs the courses were particularly challenging with a slow steady incline for the first 85% of the route, followed by a step run home down Brooke Lane. An ideal test to see who had anything left in their legs for a good Sprint home!

We welcomed another new recruit to the running club in Daniel. Having run the London Marathon a few years ago, Daniel was looking to get back in to some training. He was quite conservative the first week, opting for the 4.3mile route. He produced a good time too, before we encouraged him to the longer 5.7miles where he put in some decent times and narrowly missed out on a PB on the last run by just 5 seconds. Welcome to the club Daniel and well done!

Daniel 21/01/2019 4.30 40:50.0 0:09:30
28/01/2019 5.70 50:07.0 0:08:48
04/02/2019 5.70 50:13.0 0:08:49


Liam was back for more having joined the club in January. He is already showing signs of significant improvement and would win the prize for most improved runner, if there was a prize! Not only has he upped his distance from 4.1miles in his first run with the club to a now comfortable 5.7miles, he is also getting quicker. His final attempt hit 8m27s per mile, over a minute per mile quicker than his first run with the club only 5 weeks ago! Well done Liam, Awesome!

Liam 21/01/2019 5.20 46:47.0 0:09:00
28/01/2019 5.70 49:16.0 0:08:39
04/02/2019 5.70 48:09.0 0:08:27

Taylor had a few niggly injuries during this 3 run spell, but he persevered and his last run of the 3 proved to be very impressive, finishing in a sub-9 min per mile average. Well done Taylor.

Taylor 21/01/2019 3.70 42:16.0 0:11:25
28/01/2019 5.30 48:57.0 0:09:14
04/02/2019 4.30 38:11.0 0:08:53

Nina and Carl were completing January RED (Run Every Day) for charity. They did amazingly well and were happy to use the running club for their longer runs. Both put in a massive effort and had brilliant results considering they ran every single day in January. It was even Nina’s first sub-11mins per mile average since September last year! Well done team!

Nina 21/01/2019 3.70 43:49.0 0:11:51
28/01/2019 3.70 40:33.0 0:10:58
Carl 28/01/2019 3.70 31:39.0 0:08:33
04/02/2019 4.30 43:49.0 0:10:11

Nick C was back from his travels and keen to get some miles back in his legs. He was the only runner to complete the longer route three times. And he showed a speedy improvement each time as well. Finishing with a very impressive 8m 15s per mile average. Well done Nick!

Nick C 26/01/2019 5.70 47:30.0 0:08:20
28/01/2019 5.30 48:57.0 0:09:14
04/02/2019 5.70 47:01.0 0:08:15

Nick B was in preparation for his holidays running with the Friday group of runners. Although he didn’t improve week to week, both times were fast nonetheless.

Nick B 19/01/2019 4.30 39:37.0 0:09:13
26/01/2019 4.30 46:46.0 0:10:53

Well done also to Lydia and Charles. Lydia came along to support Nina for a run, she did brilliantly and hopefully will have the running bug back now to return to the club. Charles has just returned from holiday and put in an impressive first run back. I am sure we will some big improvements from these guys as we go in to the next 3 week cycle.

Lydia 21/01/2019 3.70 43:49.0 0:11:51
Charles 04/02/2019 4.30 43:49.0 0:10:11


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