Running Club 12/12/11

Another blustery wet winters night and another evening I miss, I assure you it is not connected. Thanks again to Bruce for stepping in at the last minute to organise and co-ordinate the running club. It was the first week of the 4 week routine which meant new courses for everyone! There was a choice of 3 this evening – 2.8, 3.5 or a 5.8mile run. It was good to see all three were attempted with people pairing up to encourage and motivate through the wet and windy conditions.

A big well done to Kathy, only her second Running Club session and she has improved on her speed, clocking under 13mins per mile already!!! Alistair also had a flyer with his fastest ever speed with New Life Training Running Club. He was just outside the 9mins per mile with a 9m01s average pace. Next week Alistair you need to be sub- 9mins!!

Also breaking Personal World Records was Annie T who smashed her original best speed average of 9m40 with a 9m14s, awesome!!!!  And Kelly whose PB was 9m 38s but a new record of 9m 19s has been set to try to beat next week!

Thanks and well done to all the runners this week.

Name Distance Time 1 Speed
Alistair 3.5 00:31:32 00:09:01
Sandy S 5.8 00:54:00 00:09:19
Pete 3.5 00:31:32 00:09:01
Annie T 3.5 00:32:19 00:09:14
Emma T 3.5 00:32:19 00:09:14
Kathy 2.8 00:36:05 00:12:53
Kelly 5.8 00:54:00 00:09:19
Pete B 3.5 00:37:00 00:10:34
Matt T 5.8 00:53:30 00:09:13
Sharon 3.5 00:37:00 00:10:34
Ann 5.8 00:53:30 00:09:13
Bruce 2.8 00:36:05 00:12:53




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