Personal Training Subscription – Terms and Conditions

We have improved the service we offer to all personal training clients who sign up for our new subscription service. This includes small group PT clients.

As a Personal Training Client of New Life Training Ltd (trading as Enjoy Fitness Studio) on a subscription plan you are entitled to –

  • Your sessions being covered by a qualified PT for any holiday or sickness from your Personal Trainer to ensure you don’t miss a session.
  • A monthly newsletter from the studio, with information, competitions and recognition
  • Access to our App to monitor your progress towards your goals, live chat with a Personal Trainer
  • A monthly weigh-in or goals progress check
  • A monthly payment plan to avoid large bills for Personal Training

* Purchase of a month to month agreement plan will result in recurrent, automatic payments. The payments will continue once per month (on your billing date) until request for cancellation is confirmed with the trainer. To prevent payment for the next billing cycle, your request for cancellation of the month-month agreement must be made at least a week before your next billing date.
* Failure to turn up to a session on any subscription plan agreement will result in forfeit of that particular session for that week. However, prior rearrangement of a session can be done providing that you have not exceeded your number of sessions for the week and subject to the availability of the personal trainer or session.
* Payment, on any subscription plan agreement, is always in advance of your personal training sessions.


  • What happens if I am ill or on holiday and miss a session?
  • How do the sessions work in regards to my chosen package?
  • What happens if my trainer is unable to take a session?
  • What will I receive other than personal training when I purchase this package?

In the case of a client being away on vacation, it is still possible that you will be able to train. This will be either via a booked FaceTime/Zoom session or through a written session prescribed for you by your trainer. In the case of illness, a friend/family member will be able to take your session instead of you, providing they fill out a PARQ beforehand and sufficient notice is provided to the personal trainer.

The session per week plan that you purchase will result in you having access to that many sessions per week for as long as you are subscribed. For example, if you purchase the 3 session per week plan on a month-month agreement, you will have access to 3 personal training sessions each week. In the case of a mid-week sign up, or a 5 week month, the sessions will be pro rata.

We don’t want your training to be interrupted due to personal trainer absence. Therefore, in the case of unavailability, your session(s) will be covered by another one of our fully qualified personal trainers.

Your trainer will be your trainer even when you are away from the gym. We are aiming to help you towards achieving your goals and maintaining/surpassing them. Therefore, it is important that we constantly guide you through the process with the intention of helping you form healthy habits into lifestyles over time. You will have access to an App which provides you with a direct “Chat” link to a personal trainer. Advice on lifestyle, health and nutrition can be requested to help you towards your goals.

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