Monday Running Club 13/1/14

A great run this evening that could be described as “refreshing”. At one point I wasn’t sure if I was getting more wet from the rain or from the copious amount of puddles around. The weather didn’t dampen the spirits though as 4 people achieved Personal Bests and everyone had a great run!!

Running for the first time this evening was Ryan, he ran with Tom and between them they completed the 4.3miles in some style! This distance was the furthest both lads have ever run and the average time of 10mins per mile was very impressive, and nearly a minute per mile quicker than the PB Tom set himself on his last run!

Also breaking records this evening was Maggie. The 4.3 mile route was the furthest she has ever run, and the big sprint finish to beat her Dad, Mike, at the end shows she still has further distances in those legs. I still reckon you should do the next 10k challenge Maggie!! You can enroll here –

Damian impressed on his first run last week, he even completed an extra run mid-week! This week he led from the front, completing the 4.3miles in an average of 9m 18s per mile, almost a minute per mile quicker than last week!! Charles kept with him for the majority of the run which resulted in his fastest average since September and only 8seconds off his best ever average!

Greg had a good run as well, he was the early pace setter, setting off possibly too quick as the first 2miles are up hill on this route. I expect we will see a big improvement in his time next week now he knows the course! A great run to boost the fitness levels though Greg, well done! Greg has already enrolled for the Eastleigh 10k as well as the Great South Run this year. DOnt miss out yourselves get booked in now at

Returning from a few weeks away were Sandy and Kate. Both completed the route non-stop and in a great average of under 11 mins per mile! Sandy came through the run injury free as he recovers from foot injury and Kate returning to the running club after a break seems to be getting faster and faster.

Same routes next week and hopefully a drier run!

Name 13/01/2014 Speed
Mark 4.30 00:45:40 00:10:37
Sandy S 4.30 00:46:54 00:10:54
Mike H 4.30 00:49:16 00:11:27
Maggie 4.30 00:49:16 00:11:27
Charles 4.30 00:40:17 00:09:22
Tom 4.30 00:43:01 00:10:00
Greg 4.30 00:45:21 00:10:33
Kate 4.30 00:46:54 00:10:54
Damian 4.30 00:39:59 00:09:18
Ryan 4.30 00:43:01 00:10:00

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