Monday Night Running Club News 17/2/14

It was the last night of these routes before we up the miles again as we prepare for the Eastleigh 10k race in March. With most of the runners well practiced on these routes it was expected that a few PBs would be achieved tonight. And they were!!

It was only Sarahs third run with the running club this evening. But even in that short space of time she has moved from struggling to achieve a mile to running 3 miles comfortably and tonight she even upped the speed to take a massive 4 minutes off her time last week and set herself a new PB of just 11m34s round the 3mile circuit. She was hoping to come in first this evening but Mike spotted her from the end of Church Road and put on a big finale to catch up and over take coming on to Osborne Road and the final 300 yards. The competition really made Sarah work hard that last half a mile but for Mike the target that Sarah set him was enough to achieve his PB with the running club and one of the fastest ever split times of just 7m 11s per mile! This was over a minute quicker from last week on the same route! Awesome!!

One of the biggest improvement this week was from Alistair, recovering from injury this was Alistair’s third run back with the club and he took a massive 3 minutes off last weeks time. His motivation was to keep ahead of Juliette and Andy. It was Andy’s first run with the running club and in unfamiliar surroundings of Warsash. He did brilliant helping Juliette to achieve her PB with the club. This, only 3 days after she had set herself a new PB with the Friday running club! Her 9m 20s was very fast and an amazing 15secs faster per mile than her Friday PB!! Juliette clearly likes running in the rain!!

Also beating her Friday PB was Jo. She set herself a new record on Friday with a split of 10m 06s I challenged her on the Friday blog to get under 10 mins per mile and she duly did this evening recording an average of just 9m 53s per mile. A huge improvement from where she started! Well done Jo!

Maggie pulled up short this evening with a slight muscle pull which will hopefully recover for next week as we up the miles and prepare for the Eastleigh 10k!!

Name 17/02/2014 Speed
Mark 3.00 00:34:41 00:11:34
Pete 4.80 00:39:30 00:08:14
Mike Y 4.80 00:34:29 00:07:11
Jo F 4.80 00:47:27 00:09:53
Mike H 4.80 00:48:28 00:10:06
Maggie 4.80 00:48:28 00:10:06
Alistair 4.80 00:44:40 00:09:18
Sarah 3 00:34:41 00:11:34
Juiliette 4.8 00:44:49 00:09:20
Andy 4.8 00:44:49 00:09:20

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