Monday Night Running Club News 03/02/14

Great turn out this evening as we start to ramp up the miles in preperation for the Eastleigh 10k. We have over 12 now entered!! The idea was to push people on to 5 miles this evening and slowly progress to 6 over the coming weeks. Unfortunately a few people took a detour and the 5.4 mile route they completed was the a record distance for 3 of them. Maggie, Tom and Ryan all completed their own 5.4 mile route to record their furthest distances run non-stop ever!! Well done team!! Along with their own personal “sat nav” Mike H, they managed to follow a different route all together but still recorded great average times of just over 10 and a half minutes per mile! So not only was the distance a record for Maggie it was also a record time too! Fantastic!

We also had a new runner to the club this evening, Sarah, she has run in the past but has been set a challenge – she needs to be able to run 10k by mid-March. She started really well this evening completing 2 * 1mile runs non-stop! She has already committed to coming back next wek and I am sure we will get her to the 10k level in-line with everyone else ready for the March 10k races!! Well done Sarah! Greg will tell you he started at exactly the same level Sarah and now he flew round 4.8miles in just 47mins, just like it was a walk in the park! His fitness has massively improved and he will be looking to set some reconds in the Eastleigh 10k when he runs it in March!

Mike Y was back on form this evening, although still carrying a niggily injury he flew round the new 4.8mile course in just 36minutes averaging just over 7 and a half minutes per mile, thats really fast!! Well done Mike, welcome back!! Sandy was not so lucky, his injury returning this evening so a shorter route for Sandy, I hope you get a quick recovery! Pete also had problems last week with his injury but it didnt seem to hamper him too much as he completed the correct 4.8m route in just under 40mins and just 100 odd seconds ahead of Miles, who was back to running club after a few weeks away!  Damian was also back running after a calf injury! He tested it out last night and declared himsefl fit! and he sure was fit, setting himself a new Personal Best of just 9m 02s per mile albeit on a shorter course. I am sure we can encourage you back to the longer routes next week Damian. So 2 people achieved thier PBs on the first attempt at this route to show that the group are getting fitter, More PBs next week then as we re-run these routes again!

Name 03/02/2014 Speed
Mark 2.90 00:37:39 00:12:59
Sandy S 2.50 00:29:10 00:11:40
Pete 4.80 00:39:41 00:08:16
Mike Y 4.80 00:36:03 00:07:31
Miles 4.80 00:42:29 00:08:51
Mike H 5.40 00:57:21 00:10:37
Maggie 5.40 00:57:21 00:10:37
Tom 5.40 00:57:15 00:10:36
Greg 4.80 00:42:28 00:08:51
Sarah 2.90 00:37:39 00:12:59
Damian 3.10 00:28:01 00:09:02
Ryan 5.40 00:57:15 00:10:36

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