Friday Running Club News 7/3/14

The heat wave promised across the UK this weekend had still to reach Warsash as we set off in cold damp conditions this morning for the final 4.6mile route. It didnt dampen the spirits though as the runners put their all in to achieve PBs on this course for the last time!

Running for the first time with the Friday club was Sandy, he had a great run completing the 4.6mile route in around 10mins per mile! The longest non-stop run for Sandy this calender year! Well done! Out front Sue was having a great run, unfortunately she missed a turn and nasty Mark made her do an extra lap around Thornton Avenue to make up for it! This is didn’t deter her and even with a stitch near the end Sue still managed to achieve her personal Best split time with the running club – a fantastic 8m 53s per mile!! Well done Sue, great run!!!

Sue’s daughter, Jo, was also having a great run. Sticking with her tried and tested tactics of starting slow and building up through the run, she also achieved her best split time with the running club today, an amazing 9m 36s! This was nearly 2 minutes quicker than the same route last week, well done Jo!!

Greg started off very strong today, but a slight muscle tightness is still handicapping his run in the later stages. He preserved well though and only finished 53s behind last weeks run. Well done for sticking with it Greg!

Alistair has new trainers and new aftershave to go with his new haircut and it worked! He took nearly 5 minutes off previous run on this route and was his fastest split time since September last year!!! Well done Alistair!

Juliette kept with Alistair for most of the run and a stronger finish would have seen her achieve her PB but the final 2 hills took their tool as she finished just outside her record. Great run though Jules, well done!!

New routes next week team as the Eastleigh 10k looms ever closer!

Name 07/03/2014 Speed
Mark 4.75 00:43:30 00:09:09
Sandy 4.60 00:46:10 00:10:02
Greg 4.60 00:49:55 00:10:51
Juliette 4.60 00:43:30 00:09:27
Jo F 4.60 00:44:09 00:09:36
Alistair 4.60 00:42:30 00:09:14
Sue 4.75 00:42:13 00:08:53

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