Friday Running Club News 14/11/14

The rain has been coming down so bad this week that the weekends football matches have already been cancelled as the ground is sodden. It is that bad that Greg brought his swimming hat along this morning to run in! Although it was wet under foot the weather was once again kind to us as we ran in sunny conditions round the 4.6mile route. Gregs hat was very streamlined and helped him to a sub -10min per mile run. He kept up well for the first half of the run with the ladies, Sue and Sharon. Both had great runs finishing in a very impressive 9m17s per mile. Juliette built on her first run back at Mondays running club improving by 2secs per mile. well done!!

I was asked today to look up the Marwell 10k for 2015. According to their website it is suspended for the next few years while they develop the zoo. So make sure you book in for the Eastleigh 10k instead –

Name 14/11/2014 Speed
Mark 4.65 00:47:40 00:10:15
Greg 4.65 00:46:23 00:09:58
Juliette 4.65 00:47:40 00:10:15
Sue 4.65 00:43:12 00:09:17
Sharon 4.65 00:43:12 00:09:17




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