Friday Running Club 3/10/14

It was a beautiful sunny morning, perfect for a run. It was definitely the lull before the storm though as the weather is set to break this weekend and winter will soon be upon us. Alistair was the lull before the storm today as well. He set off at a reasonable pace allowing the lead to change 4 times at the front of the pack before making a dash for it down Lockswood Road. This was encouraged somewhat by Pete who increased the pace down the hill. But Alistair kept his pace going to the end and finished with his best time since May!!! Perfect timing with the GSR just 23 days away!! Pete’s extra blast encouraged Alistair well, it also encouraged Mandy. She burst past Pete, then later admitted she had to rush the run today as she needed to be in work early!! What a great excuse to push for a PB! Mandy was just outside her best time, but her sub 9mins per mile was very impressive. Pete, with his first run for 4 weeks also finished strong with a split time just over 9 mins per mile. Great pace setting Pete and welcome back!

Jo had another great run today. She completed the route then announced that next week she would do the 5mile lap twice so to practice for the GSR and complete 10miles!! Mad!! but good on yer Jo!! Jo’s mum, Sue, missed todays session through injury as did Mags who had a nasty fall this week. Best wishes to the two of you for a speedy recovery ready for the GSR!!

Sharon went off plan a little today, but lucky Jo was able to catch her up before she reached Birmingham and re-direct her! Sharons 9m23s was consistent with the shorter route she completed on Monday night, so overall a good improvement. Greg also showed good improvement this week.  His 10m28s was his fastest Friday run since August!! Well done Greg, you must be getting better at those hills!! In between Sharon and Greg was Jules, another good run to go with all the other fitness work she is doing, well done Jules!

Same route next week team!! Well done!

Name 03/10/2014 Speed
Mark 5.00 00:43:35 00:08:43
Pete 5.00 00:46:21 00:09:16
Greg 5.00 00:52:18 00:10:28
Juliette 5.00 00:51:25 00:10:17
Sharon 5.00 00:46:56 00:09:23
Jo F 5.00 00:45:43 00:09:09
Mandy 5.00 00:44:19 00:08:52
Alistair 5 00:43:33 00:08:43

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