Friday Running Club 10/1/14

Perfect conditions for todays run and it was a record breaker today!! Six out of the 7 runners today achieved their personal bests!! For three people that was easy as it was their first run with the club. Jo A has been running for a while and completed 8 miles with a friend just last Monday, however she has never run this fast as Sue pushed her to a fantastic pace of under 10 mins per mile compared to the near 12 mins per mile of Mondays run. Sue herself managed to take off over 1 min per mile off last weeks performance to ensure her best average speed with the Warsash running club so far!

Also running for the first time in the club today was Jane. She was very nervous to start but her pace built up over the run and she completed the 2.9mile route non-stop in a great time of 36mins. She is sure to beat this next week, so I reckon its the 4.1mile route for you next week Jane!!

Clare is just taking up running again, she has managed 20 minutes non-stop before today!! Today she ran non-stop for nearly 44minutes, completing 2.9miles! Well done Clare, hope to see you again next week.

Last week Greg showed he prefers running in the daylight having equaled his best ever average time. Today he smashed it!! He completed his first run (4.1miles) in his first average time under 10 mins per mile, he is improving all the time now, well done Greg!

Finally, Jules was back to the club today and hopefully back on a regular Friday session. She has been running over xmas and it showed as she achieved her PB of a fantastic 9m37s per mile. Awesome!!

Next week we will do the same routes for a chance to improve further. Well done team!

Name 10/01/2014 Speed
Mark 2.90 00:43:48 00:15:06
Clare 2.90 00:43:48 00:15:06
Jo A 4.10 00:40:10 00:09:48
Sue 4.10 00:40:10 00:09:48
Greg 4.10 00:39:29 00:09:38
Jane 2.90 00:36:00 00:12:25
Juliette 4.10 00:39:26 00:09:37



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