This is the 3rd edition of the ENJOY Myzone Cup competition which is held every summer.
The reasons for the competition are –

1) To re-engage Myzone owners to use their myzone, if you haven’t used yours for a while this is a great way to get back involved and have a chance of winning some big prizes!
2) To encourage those without a Myzone to purchase one and be involved in the fun competition. We have over 150 registered myzone users at ENJOY. We have found these people exercise longer, at a higher intensity and achieve their goals quicker. It is worth the investment!
3) To encourage all participants to exercise more through the next 4 – 5 weeks during a typically quiet time at the gym. It is always harder to exercise in the heat, with the kids off or with the choice of a BBQ or a Run?? Hopefully this competition will encourage more exercise this month

Here is how the competition works –
  We have 138 participants in this knockout competition. There will be 8 rounds where you will be randomly drawn against another Myzone user from ENJOY FITNESS STUDIO. You will have 3 days to earn as many MEPS as possible against your opponent, the person with the highest MEPS after 3 days goes in to the next round, the loser drops out. The competition continues until we have 1 left – the winner. Remember the idea is to encourage as many workouts as possible in August, a month where people typically slow down a little! All draws will be posted on our social media sites via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Make sure you follow us for regular updates and latest draws to see if you are still in the competition.   Here are the dates for the competition

Round 1 – July 29th – July 31st, 68 matches and 3 byes
Draw for round 2 will be on Aug 1st
Round 2 – Aug 2nd to Aug 4th, 33 matches and 5 byes
Draw for round 3 will be on Aug 5th
Round 3 – Aug 6th to Aug 8th, 16 matches and 6 byes
Draw for round 4 will be on Aug 9th
Round 4 – Aug 10th to Aug 12th, 9 matches and 4 byes
Draw for round 5 will be on Aug 13th
Round 5 – Aug 14th to 16th, 5 matches, 3 byes
Draw for round 6 will be on Aug 17th
Round 6 (Quarter-Finals) – Aug 18th to Aug 20th, 4 matches
Draw for round 7 will be on Aug 21st
Round 7 (Semi-Final) – Aug 22nd to Aug 24th, 2 matches
Draw for round 8 will be Aug 25th
Round 8 (Final) – Aug 26th to Aug 29th, 1 match
Here is the 1st round draw, picked randomly by our computer, it all starts next Monday! –


Lots of fun, challenging draws here. There are some people to look out for – 2017 winner was LeyonJ and last year, Phelpsy won, in an epic final against Kira! Check below for some ideas on who you may want to miss in the next round –


These Special Six hit a minimum of 1300 MEPS every single month and are now in the exclusive Diamond club for achieving 36 months in a row!  Definitely people to avoid in the draw!!

Danielle, Sandy, ChrisS, Nina, LeyonJ, AnneH

Here is the all-time top 5 MEP earners. More people to avoid!!! 1) Michael 7037 MEPS March 2017
2) JohnM 6875 MEPS February 2018
3) Danielle 6529 MEPS March 2016
4) Charlie 6505 MEPS May 2016
5) Phelpsy 6458 MEPS July 2016

If you haven’t got a Myzone yet don’t worry!!! You can still participate, with the next day delivery you can order today and be involved with the next challenge. Just follow the link to receive £50 off your MZ-3 through New Life Training! – CLICK HERE!

If you would like to opt out of the competition, please e-mail Mark@nltraining.co.uk

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