Enjoy Myzone Cup – Semi-Final results and Final draw

We have come from 180 clients down to the last two in the competition to win the Myzone cup. The Semi-finals were fantastic, with a boys match and a girls match. In the boys match DanMills knocked out Personal Trainer, AlfieBro. DanMills had hoped to meet his sister in the final as JessicaM was up against BridgetW. This match ended up to be record breaking in every-way! Between the two ladies they undertook 24 bouts of exercise over the 3 days and totalled 4655MEPS!!!! Just the two of them. BridgetW winning the tie with a whooping 2912MEPS in just 3 days, well done! The final starts today and ends on the last day of August, just 3 days!!

You can see where you came in the competition with all the results here –


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