Eastleigh 10k 2014 Results

New life Training Runners are a running club based in Warsash. We have spent the last 2 months preparing our runners of all abilities to run the Eastleigh 10k! If you would like to find out more about the Warsash Running Club

The weather was perfect for running – a dry day with a nice cooling breeze. The Marshalls and organisers were fantastic and the race started dead-on 10am! At New Life Training we had the largest contingent of runners we have ever entered in a race with 20 keen participants.

All 20 runners completed the race brilliantly.

Greg managed to complete the course without getting lost today although he did get a little lost on the way to the race which was probably a blessing as it got it out of his system early. He had a great run, although the coaching he recieved on Friday about starting the race slowly really didnt work! His first mile was well under 9m30s, very fast, but once he levelled out he was fine and finished in a good average of 10m24s, finishing just 40th in his category. Well done Greg!

Maggie woke up this morning with tonsilitis so was not well, but she managed to complete the run non-stop and in a very good time too. This was her first ever 10k race and she performed amazingly, well done Mags, Great South Run next for you girl!! Mike, her Dad, ran with Maggie. His new Addidas sponsorship deal coming in just in time for todays run! They certainly got good exposure as Mike and Maggies time was a very respectatble 1h 02mins.

It was great to see Nick running with the club again today. I personally took a lot of enjoyment in seeing him cross the line knowing how hard he has worked rehabilitiating his knee following a nasty injury last year. This was the furthest Nick has run in nealry 6 months and, although he was suppose to be taking it easy, we both knew he would get bored at a steady pace. His time of just 51minutes was extremely fast. Nick himself was chuffed to bits, not only with the time but also the fact he beat his son, Henry, who came in just 189 seconds behind!  Well done the pair of you!

Sarah has an amazing story, she joined the running club just 7 weeks ago, running her first run on the 3rd of February she managed a couple of half mile stints and recorded a pace of 12m 13s per mile. Today, she completed the 10k in some style. Her determination and training helping her to a time of 1h 1min. A brilliant result for all the hard work she has put in! This is an average of just 9m 52s per mile. Look what you can achieve in just 7 weeks! Well done Sarah! Her Daughter, Jessica, started training at the same time, she too as progressed very quickly in a short space of time. Plus she completed the Richmond 10k yesterday. So her time of 1h 05mins was very respectable and to do 2 10k races in a weekend is very apploudable!!

Sandy was also back from injury, completing his first 10k for sometime, he finished the run in style as well beating the hour mark too.

Charles had just returned from his pre-run training camp in Las Vegas a few days ago, and even continued his training the night before!! He ran today in partnership with Damien who had been limping just a few weeks ago with a calf injury. Both came through todays run very well though and were unfortunate not to beat the hour mark, finishing in 01h 00min 33secs. Great run though boys, well done!!

Georgina hasn’t run a 10k since Stubbington 2012!! So this was a big return for her and she was very impressive with an average speed of just 9m 26s per mile,  she finished the race in 58m 43s Well done G! This was just 4 seconds ahead of the group of Jo, Sue and Lindsey. All three girls finished the race together beating the hour target by a good distance. It was a fantastic run for Jo, on  her first 10k and for Lindsey who seemed to find her long lost Twin in Georgina after the race. Well done ladies, dont forget its the Great South Run next for you, get yourselves booked in asap!

Finishing near the front for New Life Training was Pete. He put his all in to the race and used his experience well, not strarting too quick but leaving nothing in the tank at the end. His time of 47m47s was a personal best for Pete, who has been improving each week with the ruinning club and peaked at the right time. His average speed was just 7m 41s per mile, thats quick!! Just 140 seconds behind Pete was Rob. It was his first run with the running club today and no-one really new what to expect. Rob was definitely the surprise package of the day finshing with a sub 8 mins per mile average and with plenty of energy left for a very impressive sprint finish. Well done Rob, I hope to see you at Running Club very soon!

Suzi was the first of the ladies to cross the line for NLT! She had a great run, even without a couple of toenails, she managed a great time of 53m56s almost 5 minutes ahead of any of the other ladies. Well done Suzi! Jane had a great run too. A nervous start, Jane really didn’t know if she could do the run even on the morning of the event. But she got round the course non-stop and in a great time too, 1h 01min was brilliant and hopefully Jane will build the confidence to come and do another one with us again soon! Well done Jane!

Alistair had a great run today, his 58m 56s was superb and shows he is still improving. This was Alistairs fastest 10k ever, and the first he has run under an hour! Well done Alistair, great run!!

Well done to all the runners today. Now you have done 10k you should all be able to do 10miles by October so book yourself on the Great South Run now before all the spaces go!!! Click to enrol – http://www.greatrun.org/Events/Event.aspx?id=12

Name Time Distance Speed Cat Pos
Mark 00:43:10 6.22 00:06:56 69
Nick C 00:51:11 6.22 00:08:14 149
Henry C 00:54:20 6.22 00:08:44 373
Pete 00:47:47 6.22 00:07:41 92
Charles 01:00:33 6.22 00:09:44 187
Damien 01:00:33 6.22 00:09:44 186
Jo 00:58:47 6.22 00:09:27 219
Sue 00:58:48 6.22 00:09:27 32
Lindsey 00:58:48 6.22 00:09:27 91
Georgina 00:58:43 6.22 00:09:26 94
Sarah 01:01:22 6.22 00:09:52 72
Jessica 01:05:48 6.22 00:10:35 127
Greg 01:04:41 6.22 00:10:24 40
Alistair 00:58:56 6.22 00:09:28 204
Jane 01:01:52 6.22 00:09:57 113
Mike 01:02:49 6.22 00:10:06 86
Maggie 01:02:49 6.22 00:10:06 282
Sandy 00:59:30 6.22 00:09:34 124
Rob 00:49:16 6.22 00:07:55 142
Suzi 00:53:56 6.22 00:08:40 163

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