2020 Myzone Competition Round 5

Here is the results from round 4 of the 2020 Enjoy Myzone competition and the all important draw for Round 5. Check out to see if you are still in the competition and who you are against. There are no free passes from here on so it is all about the MEPS!!

Round 5 is for MEPS earned between August 19th and 21st. The draw for round 6 (Quarter-finals) will be on Saturday 22nd August.

PaulN (0) v SharonG (409)
Coops (367) v Mayesy (163)
DaniP (0) v HollyB (0)
NiamhMor (0) v TheWorm (92)
MichellN (514) v SianRi (473)
KTC (315) v Millsi (666)
LouB (0) v SueDav (219)
JessicaM (620) v JohnM (730)
Bevala (249) v MattG (263)
Sarah (130) v GEM1 (251)
Nels (417) v EmmaP (331)
Megan (537) v DarreM (0)
AngelaMo (0) v FREEPASS
Duncan (54) v FREEPASS
LiamD (114) v FREEPASS


SharonG v Millsi
TheWorm v SueDav
GEM1 v AngelaMo
MichellN v LiamDo
BGE v JohnM
Duncan v MattG
NELS v HollyB
Coops v Megan

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